VMware Cloud Foundation 4: Accelerate Kubernetes Infrastructure Deployment

This session will introduce the new VMware Cloud Foundation 4, which provides hybrid cloud infrastructure with consistent management for both VM-based and container-based applications. VMware Cloud Foundation 4 includes the newly re-architected VMware vSphere 7 with Kubernetes, which is optimized to run both modern container-based and traditional virtual machine-based workloads. This release introduces VMware Cloud Foundation Services, an integrated Kubernetes and RESTful API surface to enable organizations to drive API access to all core services. VMware Cloud Foundation Services include:

– Tanzu Runtime Services: These services will deliver core Kubernetes development services including an up-to- date distribution of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid.
– Hybrid Infrastructure Services: Powered by the new VMware vSphere 7, these enhanced services will provide full Kubernetes API access as well as the infrastructure-as-code automation APIs delivered by vRealize Automation to span the world of VM-based applications and cloud-native applications deployed with containers.

Recorded at Tech Field Day 21 on Mar 11, 2020. Find out more at



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