80 Core 64-bit Arm Processor – A Quick Look at the Ampere Altra

Ampere has announced its newest processor, the 80-core Altra. Based on the Arm 64-bit Neoverse N1 processor, it scales to 80 cores (not threads) and can …



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  1. I can already choose this CPU on a local VPS provider in China, it's cheaper than x86 servers and still fully satisfy my need.

  2. If I use LLVM be it with Clang, Rust or Julia can I compile for this cpu? Is this a standard ARM target?

  3. Fujitsu A64FX seems to be a better design with the ram being integrated with HBM2 (32GB) essentially bypassimg the heavy need for cache aswell as providing a new high speed interconnect networking interface called tofu. (outside of a pcie interface). Check it out

  4. Esperanto Technologies to Reveal Chip with 1000+ Cores at RISC-V Summit. Its not ARM cores, but RISC-V cores. There was a video from Engadget where they were talking to the CEO of the company. He said that their 1000 core RISC-V processor operates at 10 W, and it also supports AI and ML. Dam!

  5. Nics core count, how many flops does it deliver?? is it able to reach a >=TFlop in double precision?

  6. I'm curious how the Digital Audio Workstation applications work with this (including the VSTs), since music industries mostly hostile to SMT/Hyperthreading

  7. Great video, very informative, clean presentation. But can you not mix up Gibibytes, Gigabytes, and Gigabits? They aren't the same thing mathematically.

  8. if i slap this on pc with overkill GPU. can it run Crysis?

    wait. . . can i slap this on PC cpu socket or i have to but new motherboard?

  9. Great post! Ampere really does look very promising. Off-topic, may I ask how you got the red mouse cursor with the animated trail? Thanks

  10. Intel potato lake core i5 8300h
    >4 cores, 8 threads
    >2.4ghz – 4.4 ghz
    >very hot potato
    >release date 2018?

  11. this is the future. im going to tailor my skill set to manage and deploy servers like this. i think learning Cisco, Red hat and AWS is the move. need to look into those more.

  12. hi gary, can you make video about fujitsu a64fx and compare it to this ampere altra in terms of specs, architecture and overall performance and power efficiency? thank you very much :DD

  13. What's the memory load on ARM L2 caches , I think it's 4 fold , what's the point ? X86 has hardware implementation to reduce the code and low memory occupancy in L2 caches , some say arm struggles to copy paste and struggles to do basic stuff ….

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