Centurion’s Buffs are MASSIVE!!

Centurion's Buffs are MASSIVE!!

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  1. As a Cent main Im both happy and disappointed.

    -Happy that Cent is finally more viable and has the dodge attack

    -Disappointed that we just removed some of his vulnerability with the HA punch, I liked Cent being big brained and mixup focused. Also annoyed that the dodge attack is a light and the animation is so jank, wish we got a dodge punch that guaranteed a light opener or even worked like Glads. Also annoyed that they fixed tracking on punch by making it hit earlier than the animation and with a wider radius? So sometimes you punch people with just the air from your fists movement.

  2. I don't want to hear anything about any character getting some love when orochi got his 10000000000000000000000000th buff. im so sick to death of seeing him get aNoThER buff when they haven't given some of the roster any love for years cent included. Glad to see lb get some much needed love.

    My issue now with pk is the fact that she now feels like shes missing something and the soul of her original character design has been lost. Considering her back stabs did damage over time and counter guard break stops it in its tracks. In any gank situation shes external and troll.

    Meanwhile we havent seen pirate nerfed or kyoshin who gets to sit in his allguard with no stam loss while every character with an allguard including characters with a back step dodge loose stam for as long as they are in it.

  3. Bro, I had hella fun last night with you and Storm, heโ€™s funny. Sorry I had to cut it short, but if youโ€™re down to play tonight, Iโ€™ll be on.๐ŸŽ‰ Thanks again man!!

  4. Another no skill button mashing brainless waste like shinobi
    Thanks ubisoft for the dodge simulator 2000.
    This entire game is just, spam until you cant anymore, and then you survive until the enemy stops spamming.
    So whichever hero has more stamina hp, hyperarmor damage etc… Is the one that wins (aka pirate, centurion, bp, highlander, orochi, aramusha, shinobi, shaolin, jj, zhan hu, medjay, hitokiri, kyoshin, shugoki, kensei, tiandi, gryphon, gladiator)
    All brainless no skill heroes you can win blindfolded with. And now theyve added valkyrie to that list, (which is why im no longer a valk main as of 2 weeks ago).
    Man they have really destroyed this game, catering to its subhuman primate playerbase.
    Why? Because all the braindead simianoids were crying about how hard the game was. So now its a brainless shitfest tailor made for the most untermensch of creatures who should be executed irl.
    Ubisoft craps on it's good players, in exchange for wandering bands of worthless vagabonds looking for easy wins and finding them.
    Dogshit company for the dogshit masses, keep appealing to the majority ubisoft devs, you purple haired imbeciles.

  5. Ever since this update im getting GBd through everything. Use to only be lights and heavies occasionally but now its super noticable. Apolyon bash, dodge forward heavies, dodge attacks, even pirates dodge forward unblockable. Making it very hard to play.

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