Hail the Raven Claw – with Michael Tsarion


Black Earth Productions



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  1. brilliant show… Michael and the best host ive ever heard on the show with him by far… Michael changed my life when i came across his work a good few years ago… thanks lads keep up the good work

  2. Theories about historical trauma aren't necessary to explain human action. Much easier to see it as issuing from different levels of consciousness that people are endowed with. There is no waking up, no revelation. You either have critical capacity or you're a sheep- your abilities are fixed.

  3. most people cannot be saved, you can tell them right to their faces for years and they still will not understand. and sure many will die, and the hero's wish they could help them but fall short. you can pound your chests and yell at the aether but all who can hear you is yourself, sure its a journey ,the journey for Eaches own self. and sure its boring to be in the front of the line knowing you cannot enter till every last one comes to terms.

  4. trying to explain the carbon atom12 the multidimensional self the holographic reality and that space/time life and death are mere illusions within this holographic reality to some people is impossible…if its not on tv media news ect they dont want to know…its the same reason reality is circling the drain and the reason reality has been under draconian rule for 1000s of years…
    its the reason posts like this have 1000s of views yet someone farting in a jar gets millions of views…this place is very sick and confused and if plato said democracy is shit and will enslave the masses 2500 years ago then no wonder why him and his gnostic buddies created the cave.

  5. Yeah paying so much attention to the left and makes all the blames on them.
    I mean, who payed attention what the Right had done?
    A rational functioning Democracy would had been the Golden age.
    A corrupted sect alike Democracy just are the worst, leads into Dictatorship.
    By the sect that won that dog game.
    All parties have the best and worst ingraved in their dogma's
    Those that think Republic are the best.
    The very word Governors come from a Represent for the King, to rule in the kings name.
    As a part of the impire of the king.
    God, King and fartherland. Contains no "people" in the hierakies.
    Democracy means Ruled by the People.

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