How to check and change fluids in a Ford Model A.

In this installment of Ford Model A maintenance vlog, the Master Model A mechanic goes over checking and changing fluids in a Ford Model A automobile. Included are some tips for making the routine maintenance a lot easier.

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How to check and change fluids in Model A-
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  1. What adaptations have
    Been made to the engine lube system
    Since it is a splash
    Lube how did you get
    The oil to flow through
    The filter? Dwight.

  2. Great videos – I inherited dad's Model A in '17 and it has not moved since '13 when he started his battle with cancer. I will be going through checking all fluids and get the old girl back running soon. I noticed that you didn't briefly run the car to fill the new oil filter, then re-check the oil? I'm not sure if dad's car has one of these filters on it, but curious why you didn't fill the filter then re-check the oil?

  3. Paul , beautiful cars!!!
    Should I use non detergent oil for the engine?
    What kind of fluid or brand would you recommend for transmission and rear as well?
    Thank you!!

  4. So, genuine curiosity, is there a reason you don't torque the drain plug? I can see the oil filter being hand tight, but wouldn't you risk damaging the pan's threads?
    Super cool video by the way!

  5. Mr Shinn would you ever consider doing a video about Model A windshield wipers? The different types like a Wiper 101? I finally got a Model A thanks to your encouragement with this channel!

  6. Since modern fluids last so much longer than they did 90 years ago, why change the fluids so often? Modern transmission fluid usually is good for 100K miles. After 5000 miles, wouldn't the fluid still be new?

  7. Being a gear and grease monkey all my life, literally the day i was born my uncle already introduced me to the wrench, the more i see of these model vehicle the more i realize how much of the automotive development changed for the worse, if i didn't live where i do i would totally be willing to opt for a decent one that runs and drives and slowly work on it. I work on everything i own, these cars are perfect for those who enjoy getting intimate and working on their vehicles and is concerned with long term longevity.

  8. Great video as always! I was surprised to see your Model A had a spin on oil filter. Your narrative said that not all Model As had oil filters. Was this an add on installed after manufacture of the car?

  9. I don't have a Model A but always change the oil in my regulars cars when the engine is hot. And, put a little NEW oil on the rubber gasket of the filter.

  10. Interesting to note that a crescent wrench [ metric or english 🙂 ] may be necessary b/c US bolts weren't exactly the same size today as they were in 1930.
    I think the 'modern' standard for US fasteners came about as late as 1960 or so. Is this generally true? Will 'modern' wrenches and sockets fit older bolts/nuts? How about thread forms? Do you need to make your own replacement fasteners?

    Amazing how well these cars (including model T's) were built. We can credit Mr. Ford being an Engineer first and a Businessman second for this…

  11. One thing i like to do with any oil filter is to put some in it to saturate the pleats to get as much air out of them as possible. Makes the first start easier on the bearing surfaces and elsewhere when you go a few seconds of no oil because it's trying to force it all through a bone dry filter first. Just an idea to consider 🙂

  12. Great videos, you are so helpful keep up the great videos.
    I have a few questions if its not too much trouble.
    I noticed your radiator cap does not have a temp gauge, how do you know if its running hot , can you show how the other gauge works, how does the driver see the temp getting hot ?
    Does the A models have a over flow from the radiator?
    Is your oil filter housing a modern modification or was it offered originally?
    Why do people change from a generator to a alternator, what's the difference and benefits.
    Thanks again.

  13. My goal is still a 30-31 restored 2 door sedan, just have to get rid of my 3 projects. Maybe next summer I'll achieve nervana. Sometimes you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

  14. Paul. Where did you get the paint to spray your oil filter Ford Green? Is it in a spray or do you brush it on? Thank you

  15. Love your videos. So informative. What brand of oil were you putting in the Transmission with the squeezy bottle. Thanks

  16. Paul – just came across your channel -watched your concours video from a few days back. Enjoyed it – now I see you have one on lube and maintenance, I put together a tutorial on the same thing for a couple new Model A owners just a couple years back, using Les Andrews’ book for reference. AND I see your garage has a sport coupe and a sedan, like my garage does. (Except our coupe is a ‘29 Standard Coupe). Still driving every week in the ‘30 Town Sedan I bought 60 years ago (age 14, and for $10 in Minnesota.). Now the same car travels the streets of Silicon Valley every few days. I have eight or ten videos on my channel – but mostly from long ago, and not nearly as well done as these. Keep up the good work!

  17. Great video. Re oil I’ve read you need more zinc in older flat tappet cam engines. Popular brands are conventional Shell Rotella, Valvoline VR-1, Brad Penn. Zinc supplements such as STP Oil Treatment can also be added. What’s your take?

  18. Would have loved to see filter vertical so you could fill it up with oil, no oil starvation upon start. Also I have never seen syn oil ruin seals, they were bad already…

  19. Find and buy an oil filter with some flutes on it at the 'dump' end to allow air to enter and she'll not burp. I see you use a Float-A-Motor … the engine casting is designed to bolt 'tween the frame rails to stiffen the chassis. Castings don't bend and rubber allows movement. And a overdrive I see.

  20. I’ve been put in charge and trying to start a 1930 model a. It’s in great condition I would just love some help Paul or anyone that would be willing to help would be greatly appreciated. I can compensate you. My name is Mike in Fort Lauderdale, FL 3863332085

  21. Fixing a model A for a sweet old lady. Hasn’t ran in a few years but should just need gas and an oil change. Doing the normal starting for the first time in a while stuff like a little oil in the cylinders to get oil on the rings, and charging/ replacing the battery.

  22. I found a model a with a brand new engine. (Rebuilt) but the color is so odd. Dark green top. Teal body. Red wheels. He wants 10k. Has all the documents like service work etc. Not sure what to do. Also found a more basic 2 door roadster A all black. Rumble seat for 7k. Decent condition. What tips could you give me.

  23. Man I got a 56 all orginal but ill take that tan car or that daily driver anyday Great video thanks God bless 😍😍😍👍

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