How to Install & Setup OpenVPN on Windows 10

In this video we will see How To Install & Setup OpenVPN on Windows 10 . So we will see How to add a OpenVPN for Windows 10. We will add the OpenVPN …



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  1. It's not fair , kindly complete the video like how to add a user , remove a user connect your vpn with azure

  2. I live in Suzhou next to Shanghai. At first, I used IKEV2 VPN, but it didn't work well, so I'm currently using Panda VPN's stealth method. I am using it to my satisfaction. If v2 does not work, try steerlh. Openvpn = Stealth

  3. Thank you so much… my eyes were glazing over at all the documentation and you laid it all out in one simple video, such a big help

  4. follow the step, but failed to connect.
    Msg is Wrong Credentials. Try Again… even i put in correct username and password that their mention

  5. I can't play any games with these VPN's any one knows how i can fix that? Can't connect to games servers like Call of Duty's..

  6. Thanks for sharing! My windows 10 has giving me a warning to put openvpn downloaded .exe file in quarantine straight away. But I could still work with it. It works perfectly. This is awesome! Blessings to you!

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  8. Dear friend, I have some questions which I expect you know answers to 1)what will be the speed of vpn built following this method as compared to premium vpns or free ones? 2) can i add multiple configuration files to get more routing server say US, UK , brazil etc. 3) and how this open vpn protocol made vpns different from other freely available vpns like windscribe or protonvpn?

  9. I’ve looked a few tutorials for openvpn installs and yours is one of the best. Thank you…..stay safe.

  10. Thanks for your help, everything is working, although I've got a different version of the installer. About VPNbook profiles: I have installet four, and all of them are French geolocations. Hope there is some for the US.

  11. Any idea of how to fix, once and for all, the well-known TAP Windows Adapter V9 'network cable unplugged' problem with Windows 10? OpenVPN support doesn't seem to understand its product, which – if my experience is anything to go by – utter crap and unfit for purpose.

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