Is this the best powder coating gun you have never heard of?

Is this the best powder coating gun you have never heard of?

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“Right Now Powder Coating”

Is this the best powder coating gun you have never heard of? Maybe. I was told this powder coating gun was just as good as the leader, Gema, Nordson, Wagner and more…..we will put it to the test to see. If it is just as good it may be the most cost effective way for new powder coaters to up…



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  1. Best of the world. Electron is the best decision in terms of price and performance. It sells all over the world, leaving many of its competitors behind. The most important thing is customer satisfaction. After the sale, the interest continues.

  2. This is very good timing for me, however I am Canadian. There isn't a whole lot of great options available around me aside from of ordering directly from the manufacturer. Or an EastWood for $260 in the city lol. I am more than okay with paying more for a quality product though. I fully expect it would cost an arm and both legs for shipping, as all things do here lol

  3. I have the EZ 50 powder coating gun with the cup attachment on the bottom of the gun it goes up to 80 KV and I’m having some issues with getting full coverage on some things. Since I can’t adjust microamps what’s the best way of getting the best coverage on things. My ground is an 8 foot grounding rod right outside my spray booth. And I attach the ground to the actual piece itself instead of on the cart or my parts hang. Any advice would be much appreciate it love your videos I learn a lot from your videos. Keep up the awesome videos

  4. Hy! A long Time ago i see Your videos. I have the Same machine,And this is my first machine. Im happy with your first impressions, and wait for the full video! At europe every day they are going to more favourite. Thanks for the videos! I learn a lot about them! 😊

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