O-Day – Magenets & Mushrooms

O-Day – Magenets & Mushrooms

#ODay #Magenets #Mushrooms

“Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project”

Rethink what is possible with “The ‘god’s’ Toolbox”

Presentation overview

Review of “O-Day – Gravity transformation” Explaining the hydrodynamic (magnetohydrodynamic) ULTR experiment, HHO and more

Paper on “Hyper Toroidal” moments in context ofMFMP and 3rd party physical observations…



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  1. Hi Bob, your video sparked many cross-references 1) when you said that nuclear explosion provokes a pulse in relic neutrino condensate that is perceived in all the universe, it recalled me what many alleged contactees say about extraterrestrials who told them that nuclear explosions damages universe “fabric”. 2) the former US military personnel who testified in disclosure project remarked that alleged ufo were particularly interested in nuclear sites and in one occasion disabled all the missiles in the silos 3) in these days Ukrainian scientists (B.E. Zhilyaev, V. N. Petukhov, V. M. Reshetnyk ) have published in arxiv a report about the flap of ufo sightings, in these sad days that the once-unspeakable use of nuclear weapons is in the politician speech. Many could be drones, but for many others there is no apparent explanations. There could be arv but maybe “they” are concerned about what is going on since the consequences of a nuclear war would ripple farther than this planet.
    The other “coincidence” is about the hypothesis that gravity derives from the (variable) pressure of relic neutrino Flux. In addition to the experiment you mentioned in occasion of planet alignment, I recall Rupert Sheldrake, in his pretty famous ted conference (since it was deleted), he noted that it is documented in scientific reports that the value of gravitational constant changed in the various measurements done in the history, much more than interval of confidence of instrumentation. Again, it is coherent with a gravity caused by such a variable pressure

  2. Thnking over the fractal toroidal structure generating a toroidal moment from its central focal point (which, if I have understood this correctly, is torque, the rotational equivalence of force and is, in this case, a dipole moment, where the focal point is the dipole with its two linked equal and opposite charges like a peanut shell) – basically, magnetic or electric field lines that radiate out in all directions only to curl back round to form a torus with the focal point at the centre, does this toroidal moment "pull" neutrinos round underneath and back out through the top or pull neutrinos in at both ends in a bowl-shaped virtual manifold to be collected at the two almost congruent charge points that is the dipole to then be re-emiited in a beam from the top / bottom at the weakest point of the two charge points – namely the south pole of the lower charge point (or sphere) / north pole of the upper charge point (or sphere) and, if so, is this not very similar to the Primer Field bowls described by David LaPoint ?

    This certainly explains the link between electro-magnetic structures and neutrinos to create the "force" of gravity – is that about right?

    Also, with two toroidal structures at 90 degrees to each other, are they best arranged as 0 / 90 degrees relative to the Earth's surface, of -45 / 45 degress (in other words, does this affect the collection of neutrinos into the central points of each structure – if -45 / 45 is better, it would be reasonable to assume the neutrinos are (mostly) heading inward perpendicular to the Earth's surface – like direct sunlight – while if there is not much difference, it is reasonable to assume the neutrinos are more like ambient light or, rather, can travel easily straight through "ordinary" matter and are accessible in all directions -> meaning neutrinos are, indeed, the fabled aether AND are also dark matter … and are likely to be fractal in nature, which, for what I currently believe, makes by far the most sense for me.

    Finally, many thanks for yet another excellent presentation Bob – and many thanks to Kim for her unstinting support 🙂 (behind every great man lies a great(er?) woman 🙂)

    FInally, finally, wrote this while listening to the Flowers of the Forest on Bagpipes – a lament to the fallen and the total folly of putting profit and (political) power before people and the common good – so, once more, many, many thanks Bob, Kim and All to your generosity of freely giving of your time and energy and intellect – even to us who can be sometimes VERY slow to "get it" 🙂 – without judgement for the good of all – may future generations be there to bless you in this most noble of endevours – the selfless giving for the good of all

  3. Tremendous presentation, as is the energy and enthusiasm after five hours being the same as at the beginning Is there anyone in the MFMP community who would undertake writing a review article on the current state of the field? A review piece might possibly be accepted in places that papers on specific initiatives wouldn't. Another thing I would love to see is a "roadmap" outlining the scientific and engineering development needed to get us from where we are to a unit sitting in my basement I can run my house on.  

    I hate to harp on this, but getting to a stand-alone product from the bench top is a non-trivial process unto itself, apart from how great the science is (and it is!). When I look at the sphere-a-mak video RG did a while ago, it seems like they were right at the point of taking the next step, but for whatever reason it didn't happen. At any rate, a hard copy list of the steps needed to take any one of the LENR technologies from where we are to where we need to be might help guide both thinking and effort moving forward. Otherwise, since this is all so interesting, researchers run the danger of being distracted by the endless possibilities for tinkering that the landscape presents, without actually progressing to market. On the other hand, if someone can get to the point of having a compelling product (sadly, I don't think Rossi is there), the revenue from same should fund all the blue-sky work one could possibly want to do as well. Just sayin'.

  4. 1:40:52 Disruptive discharges- Many processes take place in nature like this, but it seems to me that most of them are much more peaceful, while they have to create the same toroidal structures (mitochondria, DNA, cells and our bodies do not explode every now and then, nor do planets, stars, … ). Even Tesla himself said that disruptive discharge was only an emergency solution, because he didn't have another available at the time, that it was a huge waste of energy, and that it had to be replaced by another method. Some are trying to. And maybe such a method exists. It may not give Gigawatts, but "only tens of kilowatts", but it is quite enough for households.

  5. Cherenove reaction faster then light type transmitter , SBIR dtic did I ever send the Gordon novels ARV files ? Huge files ,yesterday having fun looking at old files found letters from Ken and vallee I took photos and uploaded to Facebook some from the court case the bill Ross report and other things I was bored so I did this cheers john

  6. 42:09 Barium titanate is a dielectric ceramic used in capacitors, with dielectric constant values as high as 7,000. Over a narrow temperature range, values as high as 15,000 are possible; most common ceramic and polymer materials are less than 10, while others, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2), have values between 20 and 70. Barium titanate crystals find use in nonlinear optics. The material has high beam-coupling gain, and can be operated at visible and near-infrared wavelengths. It has the highest reflectivity of the materials used for self-pumped phase conjugation (SPPC) applications. It can be used for continuous-wave four-wave mixing-wikipedia.

  7. 12:00 Fractalwoman and video Electric Futurism: Re-interpreting Planck's Constant. Planck's constant relates to one cycle. It is constant regardless of whether the cycle corresponds to a wavelength of 1nm or billions of light years. There is the same amount of energy in one cycle. However, what increases with increasing frequency is power, not energy per cycle.

    Nassim Haramein -Schwarzschild proton and galaxy – proton is a black hole, star is a black hole, Universe is a black hole. Proton, galaxy, universe contain the same amount of energy, the difference is only in its density. Everything is a hologram, that is that the amount of energy in one proton and in the other is still one and the same amount of energy and not two amounts. The same is true between the proton and the universe.
    Eric Dollard – propagation of longitudinal magneto-dielectric waves (unlike transverse electromagnetic waves) can be instantaneous.
    These are three different references to one and the same thing, which implies, among other things, that it shouldn't matter about the frequency if the signal gets from one side of the universe to the other instantly.

  8. 22:30 Fe-ferromagnetic, Mg-paramag., Si-diamagnetic. Si appears to have a peak when Mg has a peak or Fe has. In terms of frequencies – Fe, Mg have the same freq 180degree out of phase, Si- double freq. (octave, parametric resonance). Perhaps elements respond to longitudinal standing waves and settle in pressure nodes according to their specific properties. E.g. the silicon could be deposited at different angles where the magnesium is and where the iron is.

  9. Thanks so much Bob! Have a great birthday and safe travel to your various conferences! There are all kinds of weird rumors online about something happening on the 24th of this month and monetary reform early next month, hopefully they come to nothing. In any case I'm so glad you made your personal deadline and got so much info out already and everyone has had a chance to archive it. The Alsofon stuff in the second half of the APEC 1 seems to talk about something very similar in that the SPIN coupling being the cause of coherent matter states, I think I left that in my comment on remote view. It is also really great to have a much better understanding about why ball lightning is synthesizing whole integer spin elements, so I can refer to them as something other than alpha conjugate nuclei 😀

  10. So what is absent is the hyperboloid at the center of the toroid. Yet another dynamic axial component within the dielectric. From the atomic and subatomic to the galactic the presence of the hyperboloid with it's 0 point axial rotation and counter rotation is present in magnetic field structure throughout the visible universe.

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