Quicksketch Drawing Demo with Stephen Bauman (LIVESTREAM)

Using the model photo that we provided on the Proko Stream Page below, you can make your own original work or a replica of the one in the tutorial. This way …



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  1. I just don't know why, but for some reason this video shoves me ads in like every 2 min or so and at 10min I just give up, it's just totally unwatchable to me. Talk a bit, ads, talk a bit, ads. Other vids are fine, what's going on?

  2. He spends like 90% of his time measuring. If he trusted his eye more he could go significantly faster with not much of a drop in quality. It's not unwatchable but it's pretty close to it. Stephen, I may not be half the artist you are but you need to draw faster.

  3. It was so zen following along with the video and quicksketching alongside Stephen! I'd love to do this again. Thanks for making this happen!

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