(SHOWCASE) Cyno Insane Hyper Bloom Team | Genshin Impact 3.1

(SHOWCASE) Cyno Insane Hyper Bloom Team | Genshin Impact 3.1

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  1. Y'all appreciating cyno and saying nilou is niche so trash kinda will face the might of the dendro archon's being the best supporting for nilou. Low sales will shift the meta to that character lmaoo remember kokomi?? That's why they made blooms to dmg you. it's all buisness after all.

  2. Damage isn't accurate everyone. always remember, I'm private servers,
    1- Monsters have no resistances
    2- Weapon and artifact passives don't work
    3- mob hp is editable
    4- energy and cds work differently
    5- DMG is calculated differently
    TLDR : Don't trust DMG. he'll be out in less than a week

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