The MOST HATED Compositions in Apex History

The MOST HATED Compositions in Apex History

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Ottr talks about the most annoying cheese strats in apex legends Watch me on Twitch: 1 Counter For …



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  1. I find it weird that in a game with abilities that are unique to individual legends but can be combined with other legends to make wombo combos or create Strategic advantage by being in sync with each other abilities that it gets called out by people as whack/cheap/cheesy etc, like to do these combinations they all have to use their ULTIMATE, be different if it was all tacticals and had like 15second CD's, but since people use their brain and find great ideas others get angry and complain. Some people are too entitled for their own good.

    Great video regardless.

  2. As a revenant main I can confirm this. my ranked team consist of loba, bloodhound, revenant. Best ranked team I've run with yet as ranked isn't the easiest being rev when you get higher up in rank and I'll take any advantage I can get

  3. I think cheese strats are a necessary evil to achieve a well balanced game, I find them more interesting then annoying…after all, you can get mad at people for the playing the game in a smart way.

  4. Now let’s see a “Best Competltive Comps Over the years”

    As a Season 0 player, it would be interesting to see how much we progressed and what were the most oppressive metas were.

  5. I made one that's caustic/Watson and revenant and loba. Land somewhere near a hot drop but safe so you camp the building and then wait for loba/rev ult to run out and fight without penalty or loot from safety. Also use Watson or caustic for bunkering up.

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