Jordan Peterson gets mind-blown!(by bitcoin mining)

Jordan Peterson gets mind-blown!🤯(by bitcoin mining) #shorts

#Jordan #Peterson #mindblownby #bitcoin #mining

“Rabbit Hole Investor”

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Jordan Peterson chats with Bitcoin legend Seifedean Ammous.

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  1. Dear Jordan Peterson.… Suggesting strongly for your eternal well-being that you do not use the name of Jesus as an! Or a swearword. The Bible says, “if with all your heart you truly seek him, you shall ever surely find him.“ You’ve looked into Christianity a lot. I am kindly suggesting that you look further, actually into Jesus himself. He’s waiting.

  2. What they're getting at is through Bitcoin, the market has a medium to which all locations are accepting of. If everyone accepts a central currency, then trade is limitless. Also, in revelations, they mention central currency as a sign of end times. 🧐 You do the math.

  3. So companies will use the electric grid to mine bitcoin and sell electricity to their countries more expensive and double dip on it. Haha wow it's not weird is a way for companies to go to other countries and exploit them. Thsts not magic that's a trick.

  4. Even without seeing the whole interview but still knowing just how smart Jordan Peterson is, it's great that even someone who knows as much as him has no problem asking questions about things he doesn't fully understand.

  5. Do they not realise that electricity is not the same as the value of electricity?

    You can’t teleport electricity, you DO need the (expensive) wiring to transport it. Can’t beat reality of physics.

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