Star Citizen 3.10 – 10 Days on MicroTech – Day6 – ROC

Star Citizen 3.10 – 10 Days on MicroTech – Day6 – ROC Mining with Mobi + GiveAway

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Mobi takes the ROC (Remore Ore Collector) out for a first look, and starts to gather intel on rock concentrations, mining mechanics …



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  1. Bought an Nomad and ROC today so now folks we have a nice small starter ship wit ability to store a ROC…. I know what i do now when IAE is still running… ROC mining on Microtech

    You sir got a new sub by the way.. amazing content

  2. I bet ROC mining is going to get nerfed once they remove the warbond version of it from the store. At the moment you can make more money with it than with a prospector

  3. ROC is more profitable than prospector mining at the time of this comment. Im %100000 sure that CIG is going to nerf the income of ROC as soon as they take the warbonds or/and they let us buy ROC with aUEC (since it isnt available at the time of commenting as well) and it will probably be less profitable than prospector but again you do need a ship to carry it and it fits inside a freelancer VERY VERY tight and sometimes not at all so idk if they are going to nerf ROC or buff Prospector to balance. also Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway (also good luck me πŸ™‚ )

  4. You make a good point about it being more useful on larger ships as it brings another opportunity. It might be quite useful to bring the small mining vessels on an exploration ship to mine any unique or rare minerals on an expedition and to do surface scouting.

  5. Thanks for sharing the ROC looks pretty cool sadly I don't think it fits inside an Avenger. Anyone know what maximum size / mass of rock which is mineable with the FPS mining tool?

  6. 6:42 still the biggest problem with SC (despite how much i love it).
    Literally 3 seconds of lag between the client and server. (he sweeps over the crystals, and 3 seconds later they suck up in the same order / path as his beam was 3 seconds ago). This is the biggest thing they gotta resolve. I cant even imagine how good the game will feel without having that lag. Because 3000ms just isnt acceptable.

  7. I really like the ROC, it is a lot of fun to mine with, and very profitable. I guess only during this patch, and CiG will reduce the number of rocks on the surface or the price of gems. Right now, at the same time, I can get triple the profit of the Prospector with the ROC.

    PD: Great series, as ever!

  8. Now that ship scanners all detect mineables I find myself lamenting the lack of surface rocks small enough to be mined with the Greycat Pyro Multi-Tool. I've found some in Yela's asteroid belt, but it would be nice if there was some more variety lying on the ground.

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