Audiobookshelf – Plex for Your Audio Books and Podcasts

Audiobookshelf – Plex for Your Audio Books and Podcasts

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Audiobookshelf is a self-hosted audiobook and podcast server.

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  1. Hey @DB Tech I´ using Ubuntu 18.04.6 as server and i have installed audiobookshelf as deb file i was able to installing it i´m

    not able to access my hardrive that´s what i get as error message ([LibraryController] Failed to ensure folder dir

    "/mnt/data/disk1/Audiobooks" Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/mnt/data/disk1/Audiobooks') and my second

    message (Root path has no media folders: /usr/share/audiobookshelf/Audiobooks

  2. I used to use booksonic, but it uses clunky text files to get proper meta-data support,
    and it's a more/less dead project based on a open-sourced gone closed source project(subsonic).
    This looks like what I've been looking for so I don't have to write code to fix meta-data of my 300GB+ worth of Audio-books.

  3. I am using Calibre to also manage my audiobook collection. And I store them in the Calibre library by putting all the files inside of a iso image file. Curious if this can look inside of an iso. I bet it does not. Wonder which app would do that.

  4. Great to see you covering Audiobookshelf. I've been running it for a few months now and absolutely love it. I will say I ran into some issues early on hosting it from a Raspberry Pi 3B as the scan's would completely lock up the pi and despite waiting 2+ days never completed scanning my library (I had about 100 books at the time) (bug 444). I switched to an USFF pc running ubuntu with a 7th gen i5 and it's been a dream since then.

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