How to Add addition local Storage to Proxmox VE

In this video, I will show you steps to add new local storage to your Promox VE. Steps 1. Login to the web interface of your Proxmox VE 2. Once login, select the … .



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  1. very helpful video.

    When I added the striped volume, it shows the storage as nearly full. 7.28 TB, with only 255 free. Do you know why this is happening? These drives have been formatted and partitioned.

  2. HI,
    just a little change:
    7. Next, we need to create a physical volume, and we do that by typing the following command
    pvcreat /dev/sdc1

    You need to add the 'E' in create to this command.

  3. Thanks for great tutorial. I liked this. I dont understand people why unlike this video 🙁 I think people who do not like are those with little knowledge on the IT side. Hey guys let's go and learn linux first. Then come and watch this video

  4. I tried and I tried and I tried to get a local disk to work and finally realized the drive was actually bad. Fuckmylife.

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