Raspberry Pi Openmediavault 6 USB Install & Complete Setup

Raspberry Pi Openmediavault 6 USB Install & Complete Setup

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Openmediavault (OMV) 6 install on the raspberry pi with complete setup.

Raspberry Pi OS –
OMV Extras –

Raspberry Pi Kit –
Raspberry Pi Rack –
Sata to USB…



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  1. Great video as usual. Would be nice if you could look in to transcoding in plex/omv6 with nvidia. The last video you made on that topic is a bit old now. I would love to get my quadro p2000 up and running.

  2. Back when it was first discovered that rPI could boot from USB/SSD a couple of years ago, I had a lot of trouble with some USB-Sata cables. Some cables just wouldn't allow the rPI to boot from the SSD. I even had one vendor change from a successfully boot design to a newer design on a later cable that wouldn't boot. It was very frustrating and took lots of time to troubleshoot that the reason the rPI wouldn't boot was the USB-Sata cable.

  3. Great guide as always. I use ssh built into windows for all my ssh. Normally you can use hostname directly i.e. "ssh hostname", or you need to add .local, "ssh hostname.local. Also you can use config file under ssh folder to save log in name and set an alias for a server. Also worthwhile to create ssh keys to log on to other machines without password. I do this for all my omv machines, using ssh-copy-id on linux or just copying across the public key manually to known_hosts on windows. Ping me if you want more details on this.

  4. Tech dad Good video I'm looking forward to learning Portainer and yaht In case you didn't know, the raspberry imager software can also just determine boot from SD or boot from USB first. It's under the misc utility category. Is only for the 4B though

  5. I have a similar setup with OMV5 that I had created following your older videos. Is it recommended to just do a fresh install of OMV6 instead of trying to upgrade? Also how do you safely update portainer?

  6. This is perfect. I want to do a truenas scale server/nas for my home. But I followed your guides to set up my dad's openmediavault Nas on his network. Thank you for the tutorial, I'm going to start on his server as soon as I can!

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