2 gamers one cpu?

How difficult is this to pull off? Is there a way I can run in a two person configuration and then switch back to a normal configuration? Would I need two GPUs aswell? I want to have two computers but at the budget I have I’m paying around with this idea.

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  1. you’d have to turn your desktop into an esxi host and run vmware horizons with a vcenter license that includes vgpu for graphics processing. The licensing costs alone would be more than if you built 10 gaming pc’s by yourself

  2. Can it be done? Yes. Is it cost effective? No. Should it be done? Maybe.

    There’s 2 main ways of doing it: physically and IP based. Physically you run monitor cables and USB back to the main PC, and pass them thru to the various VMs. IP based you have a thin client and connect to the host via IP. Both have their benefits, but neither is going to give you the same performance as native.

    On the cost, this is in many ways a typical VDI deployment, and VDI NEVER SAVES MONEY ON HARDWARE. Not when it comes to just the cost of equipment. It has a better ROI than physical, but only if you have enough infrastructure to make it worthwhile. For a static environment like this, you will never save money OR have higher performance vs just building 2 gaming rigs.

    Should it be done? That comes down to the cost of your time. A deployment like this would cost twice as much as 2 regular gaming PCs, and take at least 4 times as long to both setup and maintain. However if the challenge of a project like this is worth that, or you have some esoteric features you want to integrate(such as a full home automation environment or remote computing access) then the project could be worthwhile.

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