2 VMs in a vSwitch can’t ping each other. Please Help!!!

[Solved] Hi guys,

I have a vSwitch without uplink that I created, and a port group (new) on my ESXi 6.7 host. I put two Win10 VMs, but they can’t talk to each other. However, if I put a firewall interface in the port group, they can reach the interface, but the firewall can ping them back.

I’ve been changing the NIC teaming of the port group, and the adapter types of the VMs with no success.

What can I do?

I just want to have an isolated subnet in which the VMs can talk each other.




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  1. Turn off the windows firewall on both of your windows VMs. Its probably the culprit here. By default it blocks pinging.

  2. Take the ports down to a single interface and try again.

    Depending on on your port aggregation you can end up losing packets on an inactive interface.

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