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Does this situation remain if you change the display protocol from PCoIP to the RDP or the Blast protocols?

Please check the following checklist from this link:


  1. Install the VGA on the ESXi .
  2. Install the GPU VIB on the ESXi
  3. Verify that VT-d or AMD IOMMU is enabled on the ESXi host.
  4. Enable GPU device pass-through on the ESXi host.
  5. Add a shared PCI device to the VM settings and select the appropriate PCI device to enable GPU pass-through on that VM.
  6. Reserve all required memory when creating the VM.
  7. Configure VM video card 3D capabilities.
  8. Obtain the GPU drivers from the GPU vendor and install the GPU device drivers in the guest operating system of the virtual machine.
  9. Install VMware Tools and Horizon Agent in the guest operating system and reboot.


As the VMware said: after you select the NVIDIA GRID vGPU option for 3D Renderer, only NVIDIA GRID vGPU-enabled ESXi hosts and NVIDIA GRID vGPU-enabled virtual machine templates and snapshots appear for selection in the wizard.

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