404 error when attempting to access vsphere client ui

When attempting to access https://FQDN I get a 404 error, however, if I use https://FQDN/ui I get the login screen. I’ve ran out of googles, and I’ve also tested on different machines, incognito, and different browsers. What could possibly be causing this? I haven’t gone through any of the logs yet, but this just seems odd. Is the /ui just required to get to the login screen? This is for vCenter 6.7 btw.

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  1. Just try FQDN\ in the browser or restart network management services from console. I feel like I ran into this issue a while ago but unfortunately I have all my notes on my work laptop at work and I’m on vacation.

  2. Sounds like services aren’t running. I’ve seen this when the disk on vcenter server is full.

    Start bash shell and run df -h

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