6.7u3 Updaters Beware

If you run a homelab or kit not on the HCI, be careful updating to 6.7u3. Can no longer boot after patching last night.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Was actually just firing up the homelab again after losing my host this morning. Got it up and running again by switching from UEFI to Legacy bios.

  2. Not good. Thankfully, my NUC8i5s and NUC8i3 didn’t have this issue. Reading that, it seems to be hitting older hardware though…maybe the newer stuff is less apt to have the issue?


    I think I will wait on upgrading the UCS work system for a while, but that wasn’t going to happen for a while anyway.

    The VCSA has been upgraded though.

  3. Seems to have something to do with UEFI secure boot. Possibly only on certain systems, possibly only when booting over USB.

    I upgraded all my unsupported whitebox systems with no trouble, they do boot over USB but run in legacy mode. Sandy Bridge, Skylake and Coffee Lake systems all working correctly. Sandy Bridge is a 2011 Mac Mini and the rest are custom Gigabyte board builds.

  4. Just got my vCenter installed this morning after months of procrastination. Was actually in the process of scanning the hosts when I came across this…

    I think I’ll wait.

  5. Totally wish I had seen this before. All my other updates went smoothly so I started a rolling upgrade. Yup. Had to physically boot the machines and enable legacy/bios boot. Ugh.

  6. Anybody here who is using the Realtek-Vibs from v-front? (In case you don’t have a Intel Nic on your mainboard which happens quite often in causal mainboards)


    I’m using the [net55-r8168](https://vibsdepot.v-front.de/wiki/index.php/Net55-r8168).


    So far with U2 everything worked, but this time with U3 i get so much disconnects and the pings won’t come trough. Altough this is only for 2 out of 3 ESXi Hosts 🙁


    I’ve used the ESXi-Customizer Powershell Skript to include the vibs in the my iso-image..

  7. This sucks. Hardware compatibility should only add support in updates. In version changes, sure I guess. But would be best to stick to major version changes to drop support.

  8. Good heads up.

    But I never update to the latest bleeding edge unless there’s an extremely compelling reason, as in “omg they’re hacking in right now, patch it, patch it”.

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