Accidentally deleted Datastore on vCenter 6.5, then recreated Datastore using same Nimble LUN – it’s a blank datastore, how can I recover my data?


As mentioned in the title, I meant to unmount datastore but ended up deleting it. Don’t know what I was thinking. Then in a panic, I thought I could bring it back by creating a new datastore using the same LUN. Nope. Says its empty.

However, on the Nimble side of things, it shows the LUN still with the amount of data on it as before, so I think the data is still there. How can I recover? Googling does not give me good results, and a lot of KB articles are dead links now… please help!


For clarification:

-Deleted Datastore, lets call it DS1.

-Scanned Storage, found the LUN again (it’s a Nimble LUN)

-Created New Datastore, DS2 — using now available LUN from DS1. It shows the new datastore as empty.

– On Nimble, it’s not an empty LUN though, LUN is still same size as pre-deletion, so I think the data is still on there.

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