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Hello Community!


Appreciate a lot your support


Issue scenario:

Guest VMs (CentOS and Win7) do have internet connection (they can connect internet. they can ping to

From Host (Win10), it is unabled to ping to each VM. (i required to have a ssh connection)

All is managed as NAT connections.



I noticed that modifying VNE (by restoring default) i can connect ping, ssh, ftp, etc to guests.

I rather import a fixed configuration so NAT subnet has the range i need in my Centos.

I had no luck with repair option, neither with uninstall/install option.



Nevertheless, if I suspend/shutdown Host, the issue comes back.

If i just shutdown the VMWare Workstation and open again all works ok (avoiding suspend the host )


I tryied also creating a new CentOS guest. It works with default values, but it looks like is not related to guest machines.

I checked vmware services in host w10, they were always up an running in automatic.

I checked vmware.log but it does not seem to fail anything.


Looks like it is any firewall in win10, but do not know where to look and, it is fixed by restoring VNE configuration.

Any suggestion?



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