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I last used VMWare Workstation Pro 15.5 in March 2020 for one class. I had a number of VMs created from OVA and ISO files that worked fine before. When I first opened VMWare yesterday, I updated to the latest version (15.5.6 build-16341506). Windows has updated numerous times since I last ran VMWare. I have made some system settings changes since then to reduce Windows leaking information (unfortunately did not log them). Core isolation, credential guard, device guard are all disabled.



Per class instructions, I downloaded four OVA files from college’s server. No hash values were provided but same problem with 4 different files over 3 attempts plus second issue so don’t think it is corrupt files (it certainly still could be). When trying to install I received the error message shown in Capture2 saying the OVA file did not pass OVF specification performance. I clicked the “Retry” button and received the error message shown in Capture 3 that it could not create the destination directory. I deleted the four downloaded OVA files and repeated the process twice more. Same results each time.





I then tried to open some of my previous VM’s. For each one, I received the message shown in Capture5 that the VM’s could not be opened due to “internal error” and asking me if I wanted to remove them from the library. I did this for each one. I then ran VMWare–>File–>Scan for Virtual Machines to add them back in the library and tried again. Same results.

Neither can I create a new VM. When I try, I get the error message “file not found.” This is shown in the Capture6 file.




This led me to believe it could be a corrupt update installation, even though VMWare appears to be running normally otherwise. I tried repairing the installation in Windows Control Panel–>Programs–>Uninstall and repeated all of the above processes with same results.


My only other thought was a file permission issue. My user (regular user, not admin) account has “full control” of my User folder, subfolders, and VM files. Not enough of a Windows Admin to know what else to check. When I log into my administrator account and run VM or if I run it from user account as admin, I get the same errors trying to open my old VMs (Capture7) and installing the OVA files (Capture8) as before. Of note was as administrator VMWare opened the VM startup screen (background in Capture7 & 8) where it did not as a regular user.




Any recommendations on how to solve this issue?


Thank you in advance for your time and expertise.




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