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We experienced the same issue when we moved from Horizon 7.4 agent to 7.5.1 – Persona wouldn’t always sync, and some applications (such as Microsoft Outlook or Word) wouldn’t launch 90% of the time, and the OS would crawl (Win7). We’re now near half way into our Windows 10 1809 deployment, and continue to experience the same issue with persona, albeit worse.


We’ve reached out to VMWare support and I was told that as of Windows 10 1709 VMWare stopped developing persona however, persona *should* work at least up to Windows 10 1803. We’ve also tried reaching out directly to our account team and continue to receive no response (near three weeks now).


The same “solution” is repeated to us time and again – “have you tried UEM?” We would, except for the fact UEM is costly and we’re on VMWare Advanced Licensing. Anyone have any other suggestions on how to manage user data in non-persisten VM’s? Seems like since we paid to extend our support contract another year, that persona should work, and if it doesn’t, be provided another solutaion that will at no additional cost (UEM).

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