App Volumes 4.0 not attaching to RDSH

Fresh install of App Volumes 4.0 and built an application and package and packaged it on a 2016 Server with the RDSH role on it.  The issue I am seeing is when I assign the App Volume to a user and that user logs into the RDSH in question.  The App Volume never attaches and it doesn’t show in the local agent log on the RDSH.  On the App Volume Manager, I do see the following line:

Culling assigned AppStacks for "User <DOMAINuser>" because "Computer <DOMAINServer1$>" is a terminal server

It appears that it thinks because this is a terminal server, that it won’t mount any App Volume.  I have also tried assigning this to the OU the server is in as well as the server itself.  Same result.

I did also see this KB (VMware Knowledge Base ) and it seems to reference version 4.x so it seems like it should work, but still can’t get it to.

Any ideas on what I am missing here or how to get an App Volume to attach in an RDSH session?

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