Appvolumes and licensed apps

As general question, how are licensed apps typically done with appvolumes? For example I have a few Adobe apps that I’m looking at packaging with appvol. These programs require either a serial number, or user to login. My question basically applies to any software requiring SN’s and logins. How do we typically appvol these? If the SN is only good for 10 installs, how would that work in a pool of 200 instant clones? Any general rules here?

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  1. will have to test on a per application basis. I’ve seen all kinds of results. some don’t care/can’t tell it’s cloned, some do and complain about licensing, some are fine since it’s a network license, some are user login based (essentially same as network license).

  2. Pretty much what was already said. If you only have 10 seats, it’s technically unethical and probably against the TOS to use it on a vdi with potential for more. That being said, sometimes it works fine sometimes it doesn’t. Really gotta test app to app.

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