AppVolumes Writable Volumes + FSLogix Office Containers for VMware Horizon 8 (2103)

So our current VDI set up has just the DEM doing folder redirection (no AppData) to a file server and after some growing pains, I’ve decided to set up FSLogix Office Containers to store the user’s OST and other Office data (onedrive cache, onenote notebooks, etc). I also set up User Writable Volumes to allow roaming of installed applications. The reason for this was to avoid having to create separate images for individual people that need to have THAT one app installed. I haven’t really dabbled with AppStacks but I know that’s an option (has anybody tried to do it with Tableau Desktop?)


Anyway, my question is this. When I set up the User Writable Volume, it seems to be running a couple of scripts at login to store the search database in the writable volume. Since I have the option to store it in the FSLogix Office Container, I’d rather do that. What would I need to do to accomplish this?

Part of the reasoning is that since AppVolumes often take up to a minute or more to load up on the VMs (it stays on the Waiting for AppVolumes Service screen), moving the search database and storing only applications on the volume would reduce that log in time.

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