Auto shutdown ESXI host

Hi people!


I´m really struggling to find a way to shut down my ESXI host at night.



01:00 AM – shutdown VM´s and the host afterwards.

13:00 PM – turn on the host and VM´s afterwards.


HP ML330 Vmware ESXI host (single host without Vsphere / vcenter)

2 VMs running on the host.

Raspberry pi available if needed.


Shutting down the VMs is no problem (task scheduler), the problem is shutting down the host and turning it on again some hours later (automatic).

I have searched on google for the past 3 days but can´t find a working solution.


One solution- create cronjob


This solution requires an job scheduler, which is available in Vsphere, which I don´t have.

Also the file /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root is readonly even tho i´m logged on as root.


I have installed Vmware PowerCLI module for powershell but it doesn´t have stop-vmhost command, I think that´s only Vsphere powercli.


Is it possible to create an powershell script, which connect to the host with SSH and shut down the host from there?


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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