Automate ESXi Hostupdates in vCenter

Hello volks.


I’m looking for a way to automate ESXi Host Updates (6.5 and 6.7):

– Automigrate running vms to differtent Hosts (licenced RDS needed ?)

– Update host with preconfigured baseline

– Migrate vms back to updated host


So far i recognized that the sceduled tasks in 6.5 can only look for updates. Searching the web the “automatation” of updates is using VUM to manual update the hosts.


Is anybody out there with experience in automated updates and would share his/her knoladge ?



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  1. VUM will cycle hosts into maintenance mode for patching/updates which migrates VMs if your environment is healthy. If for some reason you can’t update with VUM. Fix that problem, then still use VUM.

    VUM is automated updates with manual scheduling. But if that’s not automated enough, you don’t have many better options. The patches have to be staged somehow. Otherwise you’re looking at building out a repository and running scripts to do rolling updates. That is a lot of work when VUM is already pretty effective at rolling updates w/ error checks. Plus it’s the only supported update method by VMware, which is pretty damn important when you’re talking patching.

    I can’t imagine a solution much better than VUM really. In my experience as of 6.5, it really just works as long as you can evacuate all your hosts.

    If ‘update with preconfigured baseline’ you mean configuration of esxi settings, host profiles can streamline an ESXi config with probably 95% of the settings. If any settings you need are missing from host profiles, consider powerCLI scripts.

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