Best practice around mixing different network cards in a virtual switch?

I have a new hypervisor with (2) quad port 10GbE network cards.

I wanted to configure the server for network card redundancy by adding a vmnic from each physical card into a standard switch; that way if one physical NIC fails it will not take down the vmware virtual switch. I hope that makes sense.

The two physical cards in question are Intel X710 (i40en) and X550 (ixgben).

Would this cause potential issues? The network cards are being used for VM networking, they are not used for storage as that is separate over FC links.

Or would I be better off using two vmnics from the same physical adapter and avoid mixing?

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  1. it could cause issues, and is not recommended


    not saying it wouldn’t work

    you’d be better off having the same NIC’s are the 10gb cards add on card or built in to the server?

    If they’re add on I wouldnt even think twice and just get a duplicate card, you’ll always have use for another 10gb card somewhere else

  2. Logic is sound by mixing vendor hardware. As long as the vendor is in the HCL you’re good. Please check it and make sure the firmware for each card is up to date, be sure to use vendor ESXi installer (HPE, Dell).

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