Best way to migrate vCenter from old to new ESXi Hosts

Hello Gurus,

I have vCenter 6.5 in HA setup running on 3 individual Dell R320s running ESXi 6.5. Each VM from the HA Setup(Primary, Secondary and Witness) is on one of the hosts. These 3 hosts don’t have a shared storage and have individual storage disks(Datastores) on server itself.

I have 3 new Dell R340s which will be used to host this vCenter. Similar to Dell R320s, this will also individual Datastores.

Tricky situation is that I don’t have enough space in the rack to connect these three new servers(R340s) so that I can add them to the existing vCenter and make the move.

So, I need your advice regarding planning the move for the same.


Thanks a lot,


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  1. You can’t have HA without shared storage so I don’t understand that part.

    Usually you would migrate all vms from one host in the cluster to another, shut down said host, remove from cluster, replace with new host, migrate back, then do the same with the next host.

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