Best way to migrate VM’s from VMWare 5.5 to VMWare 6.7

I’m working on a environment that has a old VMWare 5.5 servers two stand alone no vCenter. They recently purchased VMWare with vCenter on 2 new servers. I was thinking shutdown scp to new servers. They currently use Veeam backup and recovery we could additionally use that restore to new environment but they might not be faster. Any other thoughts on how to attack this with minimal downtime?

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  1. Vmware Converter.
    Edit: if all you want is speed, connect the legacy hosts to the new vcenter, and migrate them over. Update vmtools, and hardware.

  2. Join the 2 old 55 to vcenter using eval licenses or anything. Mirror the old and new esxi network. Do a no shared storage vmotion. Done.

    Also even without purchasing vcenter, you can setup a new vcenter using eval and do the vmotion migration. It’s even suggested by VMware many times.

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