Best way to monitor host hardware status

Hi, i have tried using vcenter email notifications for triggered alarms but not being able to make them work.

What other way you guys recommend to monitor the hardware status of my hosts.

I am running 3 host ESXi 6.5 and vcenter 6.5



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  1. What hardware? If you’re running Dell it’s best to install the Dell EMC OpenManage and ISM extensions via Update Manager. This will expose the Dell-specific hardware monitoring to ESXi.

    Plug the hypervisors and vCenter into an NMS solution and create alerts/thresholds.

  2. I have been using PRTG for years, its inexpensive and very versatile. I run it on a stand-alone server outside of the VMWare environment. VMWare & PRTG (or any good monitoring software) should do the trick. Below is Dell server added to PRTG console running VMWare 6.7U2. You may have to load the MIBS ( [https://www.paessler.com/tools/mibimporter](https://www.paessler.com/tools/mibimporter)) Also, have the Cisco, Synology, UPS and SonicWall equipment in PRTG as well.

  3. Use a real monitoring infrastructure. Hardware manufacturer monitoring system, like Dell… Then use snmp to pull all info from hardware. Depends on how big your infrastructure is. Graphite/grafana or ibfluxdv / grafana can help. Takes some time to set up, but knowing status without a barrage of email is worth it.

  4. If you have Dell PowerEdge hosts with iDRAC then you can use OMIVV (OpenManage Integration for VMWare VCenter). This puts full host hardware lifecycle management & monitoring right in VCenter. It isn’t free but is super cheap, something like $70 per host for 5 year license. Worth it IMO to remove panes of glass. 5 host, 90 day trial license available from Dell.

    Edit: added Trial license information

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