Best Zero Client for Horizon View

Looking to experiment with Horizon in a lab environment and I’m curious what zero clients you guys use.

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  1. I would say my best experiences have been with the Dell/Wyse ThinOS clients 5030 + 5070. The devices are pretty rock solid, and they look pretty good to boot. The on-prem management product is okay, and that’s giving a bit too much credit to Dell. But it’s manageable. There are a lot of bells and whistles to configure, and you can get yourself a bricked client pretty quick. But once you know what to tweak, you almost never have to touch it unless you need to update the BIOS/Firmware.

    I’d suggest to try to steer clear of tera-based zero-client’s and instead opt for an intel-based client that can handle both, Blast and PCoIP. The writing has been on the wall for Teradici for a while now, and they are trying to wring every last penny they can get before Blast surpasses PCoIP. The management console is terrible unless you pay for it, and you also cannot download firmware updates unless they release them to the public which seems to be yearly as of late. Whereas paid customers get nearly monthly updates.

    I did a small POC with IGEL and 10Zig and I would say IGEL falls into the cheap and simple category. 10Zig is a bit more pricey and has much more features. We found that 10Zig will give you great pricing for the devices but their management product is along the “Okay” lines as well. Also their support is not the greatest (in my experiences), I’ve heard others have had great experiences.

  2. I would also be interested in this, if I may piggyback on this, especially in regards to which protocol you prefer if you had the chance to compare. I used to hear that PCoIP was still the safest choice – and it seems the most widely supported – but I’d be interested in going with Blast Extreme across the board if there are sensible Zero Clients for it available as of now, especially as my use case is heavy graphics, Nvidia Grid and stuff on the server end.

    Also any experiences with multi-monitor (3+) zero clients would be interesting to hear.

  3. I’m leading a project with a client where they are hands-on comparing 10Zig / Dell / HP Thin Clients – as far as Zero Clients go their best experience has been with 10Zig and Dell Units. They are still using PCoIP vs Blast because of the performance and quality issues for Audio/Video in conference tools like Teams/Zoom.

  4. For straight up cheapest LG and Samsung make some bargain tera clients. I’ve purchased probably 50 LG all-in-one Tera clients and the whole unit costs around $300.

    For any deployment though I’d reconsider making any investments in tera clients. I am migrating my environment to a combination of HP mt21 laptops and t430 desktop clients running their thin OS. The HP device manager leaves a lot to be desired but it can match teradici in terms of a “zero touch” deployment, albeit with a steeper learning curve.

  5. We have 10zig tera2 devices and LG AIOs in our environment. They work well enough, although as mentioned there’s the licensing requirement now for them and the management console.

    Tested some blast clients (wyse 3040, a 10zig, and an HP) and found the performance to be lacking compared to pcoip. We didn’t test much with grid gpus though to see if there was a significant improvement as we wouldn’t be using that everywhere.

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