Bridging NSX-V clusters on separate VLAN/Distributed Switches

Apologies in advance for the wall of text – but I could really use some help here. I have hit a wall with this and cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong.

We need to change the IP and VLAN of our current NSX deployment but need to do so with little to no interruption as we have a lot of picky tenants.

We have built out a second cluster with a new, separate Distributed switch, on a new VLAN to be used for NSX.

What I am trying to do is add the new cluster to the existing transport zone of the original cluster, so it can share and bridge the logical switches the VMs and Edge Gateways are currently connected to. Then we can just migrate everything between clusters with virtually no connectivity loss (except for vMotion brief stun) and decomission the old cluster to have it’s hosts added to the new one.

I would have thought this was as simple as adding the other cluster to the transport zone, and getting the NSX VMKs talking (by creating an edge gateway w/1628 MTU to bridge the VLANs and act as default gateway/router for either network). I set this up and can ping between the clusters with 1572 MTU (ping -S vxlan -s 1572 <destinationVMKernelIP>) but VMs will not communincate across hosts when attached to the same logical switches.

Any idea of what I’m missing or am I way off base with my method here?

I did try (in my lab) creating a universal transport zone (though I dont think I should need to since it’s not cross-VC?) but while logical switches are replicated to both cluster’s Distributed Switches (both in the local and universal transport zones) cross-cluster communication does not work.


ESXi/vCenter 6.7 U3

NSX-V 6.4.4

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