BSOD when starting Virtual Machines

Whenever I start my virtual machines, it causes a BSOD with the following error: **page_fault_in_nonpaged_area**

It has worked a couple months ago, but I don’t know what I’m doing differently then before, I’ve done some troubleshooting such as:

– Stress testing / allocating all memory and checking if it’s a RAM related issue

– Disabling memory page trimming in the virtual machine options

– Changed memory additional memory settings in VMware settings

– Reinstalling the operating system (same issue on W2016 and W2019)

– Changed the custom paging file size on the host settings to system managed but also custom values which should be more than enough

– Running latest Windows updates

I’m out of options, I have enough memory on my PC (64GB), I’m trying to run two 4GB machines and one 32GB machine. Even starting a single 4GB machine causes the BSOD.


Has anyone had something similar and know the solution?




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  1. – Have you updated Workstation to the most recent version?
    – What are the hardware levels and config of the VMs; harddisk type, scsi adapter type, nic type
    – Did you install the enhanced keyboard drivers with tools (if so, remove it)
    – Do the VMs boot into safe mode?
    – Have you tried creating a new VM using the default settings and installing Windows in that? What about an Ubuntu live CD, does that give you any issues?

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