Can anyone help me setup my VMWare so outside devices can access my powered on VM?

I am trying to create a Minecraft server (don’t judge lol) on CentOS that I am running on VMWare Workstation Pro for a school project. I currently have VMWare on what I will just refer to as PC1 for now. PC1 is mainly a school computer. I have another computer I use for gaming which I’ll just call PC2 for convenience.

Ideally, I want to access the Minecraft server running on CentOS in a VM on PC1 from my gaming computer which is PC2. As of right now they are on the same network, but I would like to send the server info to a friend several miles away for testing

I’ve heard it’s possible, I just don’t know how or what I am doing. The class this is for is a Linux class. All the professor ever taught us was how to make a new VM with the desired operating system which, in this case, is CentOS. I know absolutely nothing about VMWare in any other way.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide. Greatly appreciated

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  1. Use bridged networking, at which point assuming all is configured properly PC2 will be able to access the server.

    Then, you’ll either need to configure a VPN to provide access from outside, or configure port forwarding on your router. Further information on both topics on YouTube once you’ve decided the route you want to go down ?

  2. Don’t do this unless you understand security. You could be opening yourself up to a hack.

    If you want to do this properly then I’d set up bridged networking and use PAT through the router or better yet, host it in AWS or Azure.

  3. Step 1: snapshots and config backups before any change. Step 2: learn how your router works. Step 3: forward the ports to the router and tell your friend to hit it.

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