Can anyone help me?

I cannot use the “Virtualize Intel VT-x?EPT or AMD-V/RVI” because of the “Error while powering on: VMware Player does not support nested virtualization on this host.Module ‘MonitorMode’ power on failed.Failed to start the virtual machine.” error.I have been trying to use the kinect for windows on a vm to actually have it capable of using and not powering on and off,this one works,but does not have a “DirectX 11 capable GPU” what shall i do to be able to make the vm virtualize a DirectX 11 capable GPU?

Edit:On my host pc i am using a Nvidia 1660 super graphics card,intel i5 gpu,16 gb of memory,so idk why it is not capable of working

Edit2: it ran before im just needing to run with that


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  1. Workstation currently does not support DX11 in VMs, only 10.1.

    The 20H2 tech preview of workstation pro is currently testing this feature however. You can use it for free for a few months to try it out.

    Also, the error regarding ‘nested’, are you using a compatible CPU? Is Hyper-V mode enabled?

    If so, is the Vm configured to pass VT-X to the guest? Try disabling that if so.

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