Can I create subnets within vCSA?

Hey guys im a networking noobie, I’m trying to setup a esxi and vsca lab. I’d want to create 3 subnets.

I know how to create labs with Hyper-V and subnet through the routing feature on Windows Server.

However it seems everything on VMWare is done through VLAN? From what I’m reading I can create vlans and place different groups of VMs into each group, however is there a way I can have each group be on a subnet?

I personally do not have experience with VLANs outside of enabling a switch to work with VLANs (Which I’ve been reading on how VLANs work, however I do not think my home router directly supports VLAN)


Could anyone shed a light? Any help is tremendously appreciated.


Thank you for your time.

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  1. You’re making a classic rookie mistake: you’re confusing VLANs (Layer 2 segments) with subnets (Layer 3 segments).

    If you want Layer 3 routing, you’ll need to create the appropriate rules on an upstream network device or virtual appliance capable of doing Layer 3 routing services. If you don’t have the hardware for this in your lab, you could set it up with a virtual appliance (e.g. pfSense, VyOS, etc).

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