Can I move Datastore on 2 HDDs from one Server to another

I have a Dell R710 Server running ESXi 6.5 Free that i had been using that has 2 Datastores on it. Both data stores are comprised of 2 physical disks in Raid 1. I just purchased a Dell R720 Server and setup ESXi 6.5U2 Free on it.

I would like to move the physical drives from one machine to the other and then reattach the data stores to the new server. I know physically this is possible, but is it possible with ESXi and if so, how would I go about it?

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  1. I’ve done this a few times on M6xx blades. As long as the controllers import the raid data, all is swell. Mine just boot right up.

    However, on my blades, there are issues with the MAC addresses and I end up reinstalling VMware (versus the command line hacks) as an in-place upgrade.

  2. you probably can

    you would need to set the new ESXI up with the same password as the previous one otherwise it wont be able to read the datastore

    then swap the disks over to the new server and import the foreign configuration on the RAID controller

    then you should just be able to search for and add the storage in ESXI


    this is most likely to fail at the point where you import the raid, depends if the RAID cards are compatible.

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