Can I restore missing VMDK without any delta or flat vmdk’s available? Please help missing VMDK

I recently was trying to clean/delete lingering snapshots from a VM but had errors similar to this:


where the fix I am now beginning to understand should have been move any DELTA vmdk files over to a /tmp folder, create a new vm without a disk and add one of the snapshot disks to that new vm.

I, being that I did not see any delta vmdk’s and only a hostname-Snapshot1.vmsn file, must have moved my base vmdk and possibly vmsd/vmx files into the tmp folder not realizing this could cause an issue.

After a short period of time my base vmdk ended up disappearing from the disk and I can no longer restore or find my vmdk file at all! How could the base vmdk just disappear without me ever removing it manually? Is there any chance I can restore this VM or its vmdk file? All I have is a .nvram, .vmsd, .vmx, .vmsn and .vswp left in its location.


I am trying DiskRecovery VMFS recovery tool to see what I can get but it doesn’t seem to be finding my previous base vmdk file.

Please help! Thanks!

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