Can i use VMs on a low end PC?

My laptop is low end; it has 4GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage. I have Pop!_OS.

so can i run VMs on my laptop? Do VMs require good hardware?

My use case is pretty simple, browsing web, playing simple games, programming, nothing hard-core.

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  1. Technically you can do it, you might end up with 2 x useable VMs 2GB memory each, anything under 1Gb might render that VM useless.i would go with VMware workstation though.

    If for gaming, then i wouldnt do it, 2GB is really low to run any modern games.

  2. What CPU? You may also need to enable Virtualization in your BIOS too. Your RAM capacity is underwhelming for running multiple GUI VMs, but Lubuntu and Mint XFCE has been very forgiving with low resources in my experience. If you’re interested in Docker and not timid with command line you can deploy more.

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