Can you hide your ip address in a virtualbox with proxies

So I have windows as host, I open a wm and want to hide/change my ip address within the vm. So I use a proxy chain with different proxies, can my host ip still be found ?

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  1. Give some more detail… what are you trying to accomplish? What is the use case???

    So for the network if you use bridge mode then it will grab an dhcp address from your home network. I’m simplifying it, but it’ll act as if you plugged a hardwire from the vm to your home router

    If you use NAT then all traffic, from the routers perspective, will appear to come from your host’s IP address. I’m simplifying it, but from the VM’s perspective it’ll essentially be on its own “home network” behind your host’s IP.
    Read up on NAT and what it is. Basically your host can be one IP address and have an entire network behind it.

    Setting up a chain of proxies isn’t going to do anything aside from give you practice setting up a specific proxy. Those proxy addresses would only matter for the east/west traffic going to other VMs. The north/south traffic that is leaving the VM and going out the of host will all be encapsulated inside packets that would appear as coming from, in your case, your Windows host. Basically if you’re trying to setup a vm to watch porn, your parents would see be able to see that it was going to you machine’s IP.

    The third network option which I don’t think you’re looking for, would be a network that is completely isolated within the vm environment. IE, it wouldn’t reach out the the internet.

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