Cannot access host SSH after vSphere install

So I installed vSphere and configured it about 10 weeks ago… and I apparently neglected to get some part of the licensing done.

I know how to fix this from SSH but I cannot ssh into the host to confirm the ESXi license, nor can I get into the vSphere guest to check ITS licensing…

Symptom: Host (I only have one) disconnected due to “license not available to perform the function.” And if I reboot my host I’m going to lose my SSH access. I’ve confirmed I can access the TTY via my IPMI connection…

I’ve never had this happen before – I’m at a total loss for ideas on how to get this reconnected – doesn’t help that it’s my first foray into the vSphere VM, either.

Update: I was able to SSH into the vSphere VM… but I still can’t figure out where I’m trying to apply my license(s).

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