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Hi all,


I’ve been doing lot of research on troubleshooting forums and discussions threads and have not been able to run 3d games both on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 virtual machines in Workstation 15.5.


I had Directx 7.0 in windows 2000 and in dxdiag 3d acceleration and texture acceleration were enabled, but when opening 3d games (compatible ones, same era)  I had the error in the image attached.


I followed the following thread:


Prepare a Virtual Machine to Use Accelerated 3D Graphics


Once installed Directx 9.0c, 3d acceleration and texture acceleration are disabled and it is not possible to force it on.

The same error comes when opening any 3d games.


Same happens in Windows 98.



Don’t know what to do more,


Any ideas?


Thank you

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