Cannot hot-add disk space to Windows VMs without rebooting

This is the first environment I’ve been in where I have to reboot to see the change in disk size in Windows’ Disk Management after an increase.

Refresh doesn’t work, nor does Rescan Disks.

These VMs are running Windows 2016 or 2019 with the latest 6.7 VMware Tools & Hardware.

Does anyone have an idea of what might be limiting this?


edit – I’m not 100% but one observation I’ve made is that it seems to be guests running Windows Core specifically.

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  1. i too started seeing that…but noticed it was a glitch. i never did figure out what the glitch was and just lived with it.

    if you have the same glitch, heres what i did to “put up with it”:
    -do the rescan from disk management
    -close and re-open windows disk management
    -it now shows the available space
    -extend the disk as you normally would
    -but you then have to close and reopen disk management to show the space was actually extended.

    id be curious to know if that works for you or not and/or an actual solution.

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