Can’t add ESXI Host to vCenter network

Please forgive my lack of familiarity with virtualization terminology, I am just starting out with this kind of thing.

In my lab I have an HP Z8G4 workstation that I want to use as an ESXI host. I am using vSphere 6.7 and I already have a network of ESXI hosts created and running together.

When I was initially installing ESXI on the workstation, the process would hang during install and give me the following error:

– “Shutting down Firmware Services, Simple offset UEFI RTS mapping policy”

I discovered the fix to this was to change certain BIOS settings to “Legacy Support Enabled, Security Policy Disabled”. After I changed this setting, I was able to install ESXI onto the host. However, I was quickly faced with a new issue.

When attempting to add the new host to the vSphere network, I would recieve a critical alarm called:

– “Host TPM attestation alarm”

I quickly found out that the sollutions to this alarm was to revert the settings in BIOS that I just changed, but doing so would stop the ESXI host from booting up! So now I am basically stuck, and from what I have searched through and read, no one on the official forums has found a solution to the problem. I was hoping I could get some help from the Reddit community.

Also, please feel free to request any other technical details if they are required, I will see what I can get you. Go easy on me XD I’m pretty knew to this kind of stuff!

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