Can’t Add VM inventory. Can’t open Datastore Stuck on Loading.

Hi folks,

I had a Windows Server 2016 server works on Vmware ESXi 6.7 when two days ago I can’t access any way where can I try(Remote desktop, Console View etc. ). I powered off the machine but it didn’t permit to shutdown. After I powered off the host some VM on the host migrates to other hosts on the cluster. Some VMs ı have added from inventory later. But my problem VM’s datastore files not open from Virtual Center it stuck on loading when browsing VM files on datastore. How can I add VM from the command line or else way could u help me?

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  1. You contact support and sit through 8 hours of remote troubleshooting to have them tell you that they don’t know what’s wrong with VSAN, then restore the VM from a backup.

  2. Does it just get stuck on opening this one particular VM’s files? If so registering the VM another way is probably not going to help and I’d be looking at doing a restore.

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