Can’t clone the USB stick where I have installed ESXI 7 because the error : hypervisor not found


At the beginning I have installed esxi 7.0 on a 64 GB USB stick. Wnen I tried to upgrade esxi 7,it stopped the procedure telling that there is not enough space on the disk. Then I have cloned byte by byte the content of the USB stick to a larger USB disk. When the cloning process is finished I rebooted the PC and I clicked on the item “UEFI OS (WD 3200BMV External 1.75) the disk where I have cloned the USB stick and I saw that it does not boots at all. It says : “Hypervisor not found”. I mean : the disk boots properly,but as soon as it did,that error message is displayed and it comes back to the main boot menu. Is there a special reason for that ? thanks.

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